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Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero — a leader of a model range of the Mitsubishi company. the 12-fold champion of rally Dakar, the last six years in a row wins this race on the cross-country terrain. Today the fourth generation of these cars is made. For the first time Pajero was presented in 1976 at the Tokyo motor show as the concept car of the beach car created on the basis of the Mitsubishi Jeep which was issued according to the license. In 2006 the release of the second generation began.

Mitsubishi Pajero of the first generation debuted at the Tokyo motor show in October, 1981, and in May, 1982 the first the short three-door version with petrol (4G54 — 2.6 of l) and diesel (4D55 — 2.3 of l) engines went on sale. In January, 1983, only year later began productions, Pajero entered the world of motorsport.

In 1991 the release of the second generation of Pajero began, on it for the first time there was transmission of Super Select 4WD which allows to move on the four-wheel drive on dry potkrytiya due to existence of interaxal differential. Two engines — petrol (6G72 — 3.0 of l) and diesel were installed (4D56 — 2.5 of l). In the five-door version there was a third row of seats, and the body with a soft roof got the electric drive. On the second generation there was a complete set with adjustable shock-absorbers from inside of the car, and also with a hydraulic system of change of clearance.