10.2.9. Bearing of a forward wheel

Nave of a forward wheel

1. External bearing
2. Epiploon
3. Internal bearing
4, 5. Holders of bearings
6. Disk of a tomoz
7. Nave

Removal of holders of bearings from a nave

1. External bearing
2. Internal bearing

Press fitting of holders of bearings in a nave

1. External bearing
2. Internal bearing

Removal and installation
1. Remove a fist.
2. Vypressuyte external bearing.
3. Turn off bolts of fastening and remove a brake disk from a nave.
4. Beat out a brass mandrel from a nave an external holder of the bearing (it should be done only when replacing the bearing, but not when replacing lubricant).
5. Vypressuyte internal epiploon.
6. Beat out a holder of the internal bearing.
7. Assembly is carried out upside-down.
8. Fill a nave cavity with lubricant.
9. By means of a mandrel of suitable diameter press in a nave of a holder of new bearings, it is forbidden to press a holder blows to its perimeter.

10. Press an epiploon in a nave.
11. Delay all connections with certain moments.