1.7.2. Sun-protection screen

Sun-protection screen

When the hatch is closed, the sun-protection screen opens and closed manually.
If the hatch is open, the sun-protection screen opens automatically too.

Release the switch button as soon as the cover of the hatch reached completely open or completely closed position.
After you washed the car or after rain expected to fall, surely wipe moisture from the hatch before opening it.
Do not leave a key in the ignition lock if you leave the child of one in the car.
If you leave the car unguarded, do not forget to close the hatch and to take out a key from the ignition lock.
Do not try to open the hatch if it froze (after snowfall or a hard frost).
Do not put heavy things on the hatch and on the space adjoining to it.
Do not put out from the open hatch of a hand, the head and other parts of a body.
Be attentive and do not allow hits of wax on laying of the hatch (black rubber). If you soil laying with wax, then it will not be able to maintain all-weather tightness of the hatch.