9.3. Automatic transmission

9.3.1. Adjustments
9.3.2. The blocking switch Adjustment of the switch
9.3.3. Check of adjustment of a cable of management of transmission
9.3.4. Mechanism of management of transmission
9.3.5. Transmission case shaft epiploon
9.3.6. Removal and installation of transmission
9.3.7. Transfer case
9.3.8. Forward and back epiploons
9.3.9. Forward driveshaft and crosspieces Replacement of the cardan hinge
9.3.10. Back driveshaft and crosspieces Replacement of the cardan hinge
9.3.11. Forward leading axis
9.3.12. A nave with a manual unblocking
9.3.13. A nave with an automatic unblocking
9.3.14. Forward half shafts and epiploons of a forward axis
9.3.15. Reducer of a forward axis
9.3.16. Dismantling of CV JOINTS

Transmission of MA904A (1983-86)

1. Hydrotransformer
2. Case
3. Forward coupling
4. A tape of inclusion kick - down - the mode
5. Back coupling
6. Leading casing
7. Forward planetary reducer
8. Back planetary reducer
9. Tape of a backing
10. Obgonny coupling
11. Centrifugal regulator
12. Bearing
13. Secondary shaft
14. Epiploon
15. Crankshaft
16. Gear wreath (drive plate)
17. Main shaft
18. Pump
19. Pallet
20. Filter
21. Block of valves
22. Parking gear wheel
23. Shaft
24. Plug

KM148 transmission

1. Hydrotransformer
2. Pump
3. Coupling of the 4th transfer
4. Brake of the 4th transfer
5. Planetary reducer
6, 7. Coupling
8, 9, 10. Brakes
11. Forward planetary reducer
12. Back planetary reducer
13. Brake piston
14. Regulator
15. Selector
16. Entrance gear wheel
17. The coupling of the lowering gear wheel
18. The lowering gear wheel
19. Coupling of inclusion of a forward axis
20. Leading asterisk
21. Chain
22. Secondary shaft
23. Leading shaft of the transfer case
24. Intermediate gear wheel
25. Block of valves

Transmission of V4AW2 (3)

1. The blocking coupling
2. Hydrotransformer
3. Pump
4. Coupling of the 4th transfer
5. Brake of the 4th transfer
6. Planetary reducer of the 4th transfer
7, 8. Coupling
9, 10, 11. Brakes
12. Forward planetary reducer
13. Back planetary reducer
14. Brake piston
15. Regulator
16. Selector
17. Entrance gear wheel
18. The coupling of the lowering gear wheel
19. A nave of the lowering gear wheel
20. The lowering gear wheel
21. The blocked nave of interaxal differential
22. Synchronizer coupling
23. Nave of the synchronizer of inclusion of a forward axis
24. Leading shaft
25. Leading asterisk
26. Chain
27. Interaxal differential
28. The hydrotransformer of the blocked interaxal differential
29. Leading shaft
30. Leading shaft of the transfer case
31. Intermediate gear wheel
32. Block of valves

The hydrotransformer installed on automatic transmissions

1. Forward casing
2. Turbine
3. Pump wheel
4. Stator
5. Obgonny coupling

Plate arrangement

The plate with the transmission instruction is strengthened on a partition of a motor compartment.

Typical interpretation of data of the plate

From left to right: year of release, month, type, control number for verification and serial number.

Cars of early releases were completed with transmission of MA904A of Chrysler Torqueflite. The hydrotransformer and 3-staged system of change of transfers with 2 multidisk couplings, obgonny couplings and planetary reducers united in a uniform case is a part of transmission. The hydraulic system consists of the pump and the block of valves.

Transmissions of other types – 4-staged, with the gear pump, with 3 multidisk couplings, 3 obgonny couplings, 4 multidisk brakes and 2 planetary reducers. The transfer number of the 4th transfer 0,668:1, this transfer is used as the highest at too big turns of the engine.

On transmissions of KM148 and V4AW2 (3) the transfer case with continuous gearing of teeths of gear wheels ustnavlivatsya. A box переключаетмся in situation 2WD/4WD (the forward axis) and in situation HIGH/LOW (inclusion or shutdown of a demultiplicator on 4 driving wheels is disconnected or joins).

The type of a tranmissiya and transfer numbers (the last 4 numbers) are specified in the plate for transmissions of V4AW2 (3) strengthened on a partition of a motor compartment.

Transmission it is recommended to fill with Mopar ATF Plus Type 7176 liquid ilidexron II.

Type of transmission which completes the car