12:25. Internal panels of doors

Internal panel of a door

1. Figured spring ring
2. Window regulator handle
3. Slip
4. Internal handle
5. Window regulator switch
8. Panel
9. Door handle
10. Pocket

Removal and installation
1. Remove triangular facing of a side mirror.
2. Remove caps, unscrew screws and remove an armrest and the handle.
3. Unscrew the screw, having removed a cap, and remove an internal overlay of the door handle.

4. Wring out a figured spring ring and remove the window regulator handle.
It is recommended to designate position of the handle an adhesive tape.
5. On a part of cars turn out the handle of a clamp of the door lock (the square button of a clamp is removed after a door panel raising).

6. Unscrew fastening screws on a panel contour, remove with the thin flat bifurcate tool latches (from 6 to 12 pieces (1 – a core, 2 – facing)).
7. Raise the panel, having brought out of gearing with the lower uvulas, disconnect wires (if are available) and remove the panel. Do not damage the water filter in a door framework, otherwise water will get to salon.
8. At installation attach wires and combine the panel with the top edge of a door and besiege on uvulas easy blows of a palm.
9. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.

10. Establish latches (1 – a sealant, 2 – a core, 3 – facing).
11. Install the handle of a window regulator according to the pasted tape, having combined vents of the handle and the roller.
12. Sharp blow of a palm to the center of the roller drive the handle against the stop.