Inclusion of a screen wiper of back glass

Lever of inclusion of screen wipers

1. ON – normal work of a screen wiper
2. OFF – is switched off
3. INT – faltering work of a screen wiper
4. Handle

Turn the handle on the lever to include a screen wiper of back glass.

Before killing the engine, always switch off screen wipers and wait until they return to a starting position, especially at cold weather. If not to return screen wipers to parking situation, and to leave on glass, then in case they freeze to a windshield, the engine of screen wipers can be damaged at its following start.
Before inclusion of screen wipers in cold weather check that they did not freeze to a windshield. If to include screen wipers in such conditions, the engine of screen wipers can fuse.
Do not include screen wipers when glass dry: they can scratch glass. It can also result in premature wear of brushes.
Replace brushes of screen wipers when they wear out in order that visibility of the road to rainy weather did not decrease. Use brushes of the suitable size.
If you have questions, address experts.
If in operating time the screen wiper is stopped by any obstacle, such as ice or snow, the engine of a screen wiper can burn down even if to return the handle of inclusion of a screen wiper in position of OFF. If it happens, stop the car and switch off ignition, then purify back glass in order that the screen wiper could work normally.