3.4.17. The integrated collector (the diesel with a turbo-supercharging)

Knot of collectors and turbocompressor of the engine

1. Pressure head hose
2. Ventilating tube
3. Inlet
4. Inlet collector
5. Air offtake
6. Final collector
7, 11. Guard
8. Turbocompressor
9. Return oil pipeline
12. Final branch pipe
13. Pressure head oil pipeline
14. Drive of the gate of exhaust gases

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Disconnect an exhaust pipe from a turbocompressor, remove laying and a guard.
3. Turn off bolts, remove a branch pipe and a rubber hose.
4. Disconnect the return oil pipeline.
5. Carefully disconnect a pressure head oil pipeline.
6. Disconnect a vacuum hose and remove the drive of the gate of exhaust gases.
7. Turn off bolts and remove a turbocompressor and laying. Immediately muffle openings and oil channels pure rags. Reliably cover a turbocompressor with a dustproof cover.
8. Turn off bolts and remove at first an inlet, then final collector.
Clear the demountable planes.
9. Installation is carried out upside-down. Replace all laying. Delay all connections with the moments specified illustrations for the diesel. After assembly check pressure of oil and existence of extraneous noises during the operation of the engine.