9.3.14. Forward half shafts and epiploons of a forward axis

Forward half shafts

1. Guard
2, 3. Cap
4. Laying
5. Lock ring
6. Washer
7. Forward brake
8, 10, 12. Forelock
9. Tip of steering draft
11, 13. Spherical support
14. Forward nave
15. Left half shaft
16. Spring ring
17. Right half shaft

Right half shafts

1. Nave
2. External half shaft
3. Inner axle shaft
4. Spring ring
5. Samopodzhimny nut
6. Arm
7. Case

Details of the right inner axle shaft

1. Half shaft
2. Bearing
3. Cover
4. Case
5. Epiploon

Removal, installation and dismantling
1. Before works unblock naves of forward wheels.
2. Remove forward wheels, remove a forward brake, take aside and fix.
3. Remove the mechanism of blocking of a nave, get a lock ring of a half shaft.
4. Vypressuyte a stripper a finger of steering draft, расшплинтовав and having turned off a nut.
5. Vypressuyte a stripper at first the lower, then top spherical support, remove a nave assembled with a rotary fist and a pin.
6. Carefully get the left half shaft.
7. Designate the provision of the right external half shaft and remove it.

8. Remove the right inner axle shaft (using strippers of MB990241-01 and MB990211-01).
9. Remove the case of the right half shaft. For this purpose remove a spring ring of an inner axle shaft, turn off a samopodzhimny nut of an arm of the case and remove an arm.

10. At removal of the bearing unbend edges of a dustproof cover.

11. Install the device for fixing of the bearing so that the facet And rested against a bearing holder.

12. For a vypressovka of the bearing establish a half shaft with adaptation on whetstones and blows of the hammer beat out a half shaft.
13. Press a cover from an inner axle shaft, remove an epiploon from the half shaft case.


1. Press a new epiploon in the half shaft case by means of MB99095501 adaptation so that the surface of an epiploon was aflush with a case end face.

2. A mandrel of 75х4 mm press a dustproof cover on an inner axle shaft and fill a cover cavity with lubricant.
3. Napressuyte on a half shaft the bearing by means of a press and the equipment (MD990560 and MV998348-01).
4. Dress new spring rings on a half shaft and insert into a reducer, having killed with the rubber hammer, install the case of the right half shaft.
5. Attach the right half shaft to internal, having tightened nuts with m 54 N.' moment.
6. Install the shock-absorber (if acted).
7. Establish a rotary fist with a nave (see fig. subsection 10.2.8).
8. Establish adjusting washers and a lock ring, check an axial side play which has to be 0,2–0,5 mm. If necessary adjust a side play selection of washers.
9. Establish a nave cap, tighten bolts with m 10–14 N.' moment.
10. Establish a forward brake and tighten bolts with m 80–100 N.' moment.
11. Establish wheels and lower the car.