1.44. Identification numbers and information plates

1.44.1. Engine
1.44.2. Transmission
1.44.3. Podkapotny plates

The plate with identification number of the car

Interpretation of identification number of the car
Identification number of the car (VIN number) is specified on the plate strengthened in the left part of a forward partition of salon and is checked through a windshield.

Figures and letters of number mean the following
1. Country manufacturer
2. Model (for example Mitsubisi, Hyundai, etc.)
3. Category of the car (passenger, cargo, etc.)
4. Type of the applied seat belts, weight category of the car
5. Brand (or family) car (for example Precis, Galant, etc.)
6. Finishing code / price group (base, low, special, etc.)
7. Body type
8. Volume of cylinders of the engine
9. Target figure or a letter (for verification of serial number, for the owner does not matter)
10. The plant (enterprise) at which the car was manufactured
11. Since 1985 the 12th figure specifies a transmission code which 5-unit serial number follows. Since 1986 all 6 figures specify serial number.

Year of release

Chart of identification of the car

* – 2-chamber carburetor
** – the mnogoforsunochny engine with direct injection of fuel

Information plate of the car
Arrangement of the information plate

It is strengthened by rivets on a fan casing in a motor compartment.
The information plate of the car contains a model code, modification of the engine, transmission and a code of coloring of a body.

Number of the chassis
Arrangement of number of the chassis

It is beaten out on a frame near the right back wheel.

Certificate of the car

The plate with the certificate is strengthened on a rack of the left door.
The plate with the certificate contains month and year of release, the mass of the car in the equipped state, load of axes and identification number of the car.