10.2.3. Top spherical support of a suspension bracket

Check, removal and installation
1. Remove the lever of a suspension bracket and check the moment of resistance to a support provorachivaniye which has to be 0,8–3,5 N. in m. Otherwise replace a support.
2. Lift a front of the car and remove a wheel.
3. Remove the top lever of a suspension bracket (see subsection 10.2.6).
4. Remove a cover and remove a lock ring.

5. By means of the special equipment to a vypressuyta a support from the lever (1 – the lever, 2 – a support).
6. Installation of a support is carried out upside-down.

7. At assembly combine a tag on a support (1) with the axial line of the lever (2).
8. Press a support by means of the same equipment.
9. Grease a support and fill a cover with universal jellied lubricant.
10. Grease a flute of a support with sealant of type 3M ART 8663 and fix a cover by a ring.
11. Proshpritsuyte a support through a butterdish.
12. Adjust clearance (see subsection 10.2.1) and the angles of installation of wheels.