Engine of 2,6 l


The disconnected hoses and wires at dismantle of the 4-cylinder engine

1. Cable of a butterfly valve
2. Heater hose
3. Hose of the amplifier of brakes
4. Perepuskna cooling system hose
5. Cooling system hose
6. Radiator hose
7. Burn down control systems of the engine
8. The liquid temperature sensor socket for the conditioner
9. The socket of the sensor of the index of temperature of liquid for the conditioner
10. Vacuum hose
11. Socket of the sensor of temperature of liquid of a control system of the engine
13. Oxygen sensor socket
14. Oil pressure sensor socket
15. Belt of the pump of the hydraulic booster
16. Pump of the hydraulic booster
17. Conditioner compressor belt
18. Conditioner compressor
19. Fuel pipe
20. Generator socket
21. A wire on weight
22. Forward exhaust pipe
23. Bracket of fastening of a fuel pipe
24. Guard
25. bolt of a forward support
26. Engine

1. Depressurize the conditioner (if it is provided) in car service.
2. Remove a cowl.
3. Lift the car and remove engine guards.
4. Merge liquid from the cooling system.
5. Merge oil from transmission, the engine, the transfer case and a forward reducer.
6. Remove the air filter.
7. Remove both casings of the fan.
8. Remove a radiator.
9. Disconnect a cable of a butterfly valve.
10. Disconnect hoses of a heater, the cooling system and amplifier of brakes on the engine.
11. Disconnect the big multicontact socket of conducting of a control system of the engine.
12. Disconnect a vacuum hose and turn out the sensor of the index of temperature of liquid.
13. Disconnect wires from the sensor of oxygen and from the oil pressure sensor.
14. Take off a belt of the pump of the hydraulic booster, having released bolts of fastening of the pump.
15. Remove the pump of the hydraulic booster and take aside, without disconnecting from the highway.
16. Take off a belt and the compressor of the conditioner. Take the unit aside, without disconnecting from the highway, and fix.
17. Disconnect fuel hoses, previously having executed a decompression (on injector engines).
18. Disconnect 3 sockets on the generator.
19. Disconnect a mass wire from the block of cylinders.
20. Disconnect an exhaust pipe from a collector and fix a pipe by a wire.
21. Disconnect all hoses of a tank with an absorber which conduct to a partition of a motor compartment.
22. Remove a bracket of fastening of fuel pipes on the engine.
23. Attach таль the elevator and you will hang out the engine.
24. Remove a guard from the right support.
25. Turn off bolts of fastening of support of the engine to a frame.
26. Carefully lift the engine and get from a motor compartment. Install the engine on supports (not on the pallet).

Installation of the engine is carried out upside-down. First of all install the engine, wrap bolts of support and tighten them with m 35 N.' moment. Replace laying of an exhaust pipe on a collector and fastening bolts. Tighten bolts of fastening of a radiator with m 7 N.' moment. Fill in liquid, oil and start the engine. After warming up restore levels of liquids. Fill the conditioner in car service. Adjust a cable, belts, idling and ignition.