Adjustment of the switch

CARS OF 1983-86.


1. Transfer the selector to situation N, tighten screws of fastening and check existence of a chain between BY-BY switch conclusions (1 – a starting position, 2 – the sector of isolation of contacts, 3 – the probe, 4 – to a forward part of the car).
2. Move the switch to both parties and establish in the provision in which the ohmmeter will show a chain.

3. Move the switch so that between it and the selector there was a gap of 1,5 mm, tighten screws.

CARS OF 1987-89.


1. Release screws of fastening and install the selector so that position of the probe (2) on the termination of draft corresponded neutral (1).

2. Check existence of a chain between conclusions of the socket of the switch 2-BY and 2-BY, moving the switch.
3. Designate the provision of an arm.

4. Establish a gap of 2,5 mm between the switch and a guard of the lever and tighten screws.

CARS OF 1990-98.

Adjustment of position of the switch
1. Transfer the selector to situation N, tighten screws.
2. Release a cable tip lock-nut on the left side of a transmission case.
3. Release a bolt of fastening of the switch.

4. Having turned the switch, combine ledges (2) on the switch with the lever (1) fixing neutral situation (3 – the lever of fixing of neutral situation V4AW2). 
5. Tighten a bolt with m 6 N.' moment.

6. Give a cable in the direction of an arrow and tighten a nut with m 24 N.' moment (1 – an adjusting nut; 2 – cable).
7. Be convinced. that the selector is in situation N.
8. Transfer the selector to all provisions and check its fixing.