Transportation of children

Babies and children of younger age
For transportation of absolutely small children and children of younger age it is necessary to use a children's seat. They can be got in specialized shops.
The children's seat has to correspond to the weight and growth of the child and to be established on a back seat.
At installation of a seat follow instructions of the producer of a seat.
If you do not use a children's seat, fasten it a seat belt or remove from the car.

The statistics demonstrates that children are in bigger safety when are in a children's seat on a back seat of the car, but not on forward. Therefore we recommend that children were in a children's seat on a back seat of the car.
The trip with the child on hands will not replace a children's seat. If at the time of accident the child is not in a children's seat, he can suffer serious injuries.

Transportation of children of advanced age
Children of advanced age have to be on a back seat of the car and to be fastened at the movement of the car.

If the shoulder strap is at the level of the person or the child's neck, put him closer to the middle of a back seat or use only an average seat belt. The lower belt has to be on the lower part of a stomach. Otherwise if there is an accident, the seat belt can strongly press on a stomach of the child and put a trauma.

Never disregard the child in the car.