12:13. Removal and installation of a cowl

Cowl (on an insert – places of lubricant of the lock)

1, 7. Buffer
2. Arm
3. Quencher of vibrations
4, 6. Sealant
5. Heat-shielding layer
8. Rack
9. Cable guard
10. Lock
11. Drive handle
12. Cable
13. Cowl

Removal and installation

Works are performed together.

1. Open a cowl and outline loops.
2. Disconnect the socket of a podkapotny lamp and hoses of a washer (if are provided).
3. Turn off bolts of loops on a cowl and remove a cowl.
4. Establish a cowl upside-down.
5. Adjust a cowl and tighten bolts with m 14 N.' moment.