9.2.7. Working cylinder of switching off of coupling

Removal and installation
1. Lift the car.
2. Release the union for pumping and merge liquid in the substituted vessel.
3. Disconnect the hose union, turn off 2 bolts and remove the working cylinder.
4. Installation is carried out upside-down.
5. Replace laying of the union and tighten an union bolt with m 20–25 N.' moment, fastening bolts – 31–42 N. of m.
6. Remove air from a hydraulic actuator.

Dismantling and assembly
1. Get the valve and a spring from a hydraulic actuator opening.
2. Remove a pusher and cuffs.
3. Push out the piston compressed air, having taken precautionary measures.
4. Check a condition of a surface of the cylinder, existence of corrosion and scratches, check a condition of a sealant of the piston.
5. Replace worn-out details.
6. At assembly grease the piston and the cylinder with brake fluid.
7. Tighten bolts of fastening of the cylinder with m 35 N.' moment, a bolt of the cap union – with m 22 N.' moment, tighten the union for removal of air with m 8 N.' moment.
8. Grease a persistent surface of a pusher.
9. Remove air from a hydraulic actuator.