1.3.2. Replacement of the battery of the block of remote control

Block of remote control

1. Battery
2. Latches
3. Screw
4. Round laying
5. To open

1. Unscrew the screw from a back part of the block of remote control and open the block.
2. Remove the old battery.
3. Install the new battery by plus contact to a bottom.
Use the CR2032 battery.
4. At first insert latches. Then, trying not to shift round laying, collect the block of remote control.
5. Check how the electronic system of locking of locks functions.

Buy the battery in specialized shop.
Your dealer if necessary can replace to you the battery.
When the block of remote control is open, hold it far away from water, dirt and other. In addition try not to touch the exact electronic device.
If during assembly round laying is shifted, water or dirt can get in the block that will result in its malfunction.