1.10.21. Windshield washers

Cars without screen wiper of back glass

Cars with a screen wiper of back glass

Washers of a windshield can be included if to pull the lever on itself when the key in the lock of ignition is in position of ON or ASSORTMENT.
At inclusion of washers of a windshield screen wipers automatically will join on two-three movements.
At a lever otpuskaniye washers are switched off.

Do not use washers longer, than during 20 pages.

Periodically check liquid level in a tank (which is in a motive compartment) and add the washing liquid if it is necessary.
In cold season do not forget to add to a tank the recommended washing solution in order that the washing liquid in a tank did not freeze.
If you do not make it, washers can cease to work and all system of washers can be damaged when freezing water.