11.14.3. Disk of a back brake

Removal and installation
1. Lift a back part of the car and remove a wheel.
2. Remove a support with an arm and blocks, fix a support.
3. Remove a support arm.
4. Designate the provision of a disk, turn off bolts and nuts and remove a disk.
5. Assembly is carried out upside-down.

Check of a state
1. At detection of strong damages (a vykrashivaniye, zadir, strong development, the raised surface roughness) or in case of the raised beating replace a disk.
2. The disk also changes if its thickness in any point is less maximum permissible.
3. Check a disk beating for 1 turn, having established an indicator leg in 15 mm from edge of a disk (the support and blocks at the same time should be removed). The beating should not exceed 0,15 mm.