12:31. Back glass

Back glass (on an insert – a profile of the applied glue in section A-and (type 3M Super Fast Urethane Auto Glass Sealant 8609 or equivalent))

1. Electric heater conclusions
2. Fringing
3. Glass
4. Clamp

Places and a profile of drawing a filler and glue on back glass

1. Fringing of back glass
3. Filler
4. Drawing a filler on sections of A-A, B-B, C-C
5. Drawing a filler from a body on section A-and
6. Drawing a filler on section B-in
7. Drawing a filler on section C-C
8. Putting glue on sections of A-A, B-B, C-C
9. Glue

Removal and installation
1. Remove electric heater conclusions from a window.
2. Remove glass (see subsection 12.30).
3. Remove clamps from glass.

4. At installation of the termination of clamps have to be combined with grooves in a body aperture (a back cover).
5. Installation see in subsection 12.30.