Maintenance and check of seat belts

Seat belts can be cleared by means of hydrocarbonic dry cleaner or to wash up with soap or other detergent.

Do not bleach and do not recolour seat belts. It you can reduce their durability.

Regularly check operation of locks and buckles.

Check that bolts of fastenings were reliably tightened. If on a seat belt there are cuts, thickenings or the decoloured spots demonstrating that the seat belt was exposed to a strong sunlight it it is necessary to replace.

After collision the expert has to check a seat belt, all its fastenings and mechanisms. It is recommended to replace seat belts after collision if only collision was a lung and seat belts as it should be.

Do not try to repair or replace independently seat belts or their elements, this work needs to be entrusted experts. If this work is performed not by the expert, it can reduce reliability of seat belts and lead to a trauma in case of accident.