1.11. Start of the engine and driving

1.11.1. Fuel choice
1.11.2. Fuel additives
1.11.3. Requirements for fuel octane number

Modern technologies allow to drive the new car, without having the problems connected with need of the movement with the lowered speed at first of operation of the car.
However in order that the car served to you longer, it is necessary to follow the following rules during the first 500 km of a run.
It is recommended that you did not drive the car on very high speed during the first time of operation of the new car.
Before going to a trip, warm up the engine.
Do not raise engine turns too strongly.

Try not to start sharply, to sharply gather speed, to go at great speed for a long time and to apply strong braking. It not only negatively influences the engine, but also results in the increased fuel consumption and oils, and also to the accelerated wear of the rubbing parts. It is necessary to avoid especially operation of the engine at great speed by the included low transfer.

Do not overload the car. You do not transport too many passengers.

Try not to tow the trailer or other car during this period (see subsection 1.33.5).