12:15. Cover of a back compartment

Cover of a back compartment

1. The sealant is internal
2. The sealant is external
3. Clamping level
4. Buffer
5. Holder of a spare wheel
6. Socket
7. Closing limiter
8. Loop bolt
9. Cover
10. Forelock
11, 12. Loops
13. Limiter of opening of a cover
14. Clamp
15. Laying
16. Buffer cover
17. Reciprocal nest of the buffer
18. Arm

Removal and installation

Works are performed together.

1. Remove a spare wheel and the holder of a wheel.
2. Remove facing of an aperture of a back cover.
3. Uncover natyazhitel of back belts (if belts are provided).
4. Remove the loudspeaker (on 4-door bodies).
5. Remove the back lower panel.
6. Remove facing of a back rack.
7. Rashplintuyte also remove a cover limiter axis.
8. Disconnect a washer hose.
9. Disconnect from a back cover of a wire.
10. Outline contours of loops, turn off bolts of loops on a cover and uncover.
11. Installation is carried out upside-down.
12. Delay all fastenings according to the required moments.