12.24.2. Panels of auxiliary devices and equipment, floor sections


1. For removal of these panels at first it is necessary to dismantle the equipment installed on these panels (hours, the receiver, etc.).
2. For removal of floor section it is necessary to turn out the manual transmission lever handle.
3. The handle of the selector of the automatic transmission should not be removed, – it passes through an opening in the panel.
4. For removal of the panel it is necessary to remove caps and to unscrew screws most of which is near an ashtray and a tray.
5. For an otvorachivaniye of side screws of fastening it is recommended to remove front seats.
6. Grooves for seat belts are provided in back panels and on a part of forward floor panels. At removal of the panel pass belts through these grooves, without investigating fastening of a belt to a body.
7. At removal of the panel disconnect all wires, previously having marked them.
8. At installation of panels and sections at first it is necessary to establish precisely them in the place, to wrap screws on 1–2 turns and to tighten.