9.2.5. Removal and installation of coupling

Installation of coupling on a mandrel

1. Flywheel
2. Frictional disk
3. To grease
4. Mandrel
5. Casing

1. Remove the check point.
2. Establish the aligning mandrel (for example an old main shaft of the check point), evenly turn off bolts and remove clutch plates.
3. Remove the release bearing and a fork of switching off of coupling (see subsection 9.2.4).
4. Establish coupling upside-down, having cleared a flywheel and clutch plates.
5. Establish a frictional disk on a mandrel.
6. Tighten bolts of fastening of coupling to a flywheel with 18 N.' moment of m (1983-89) or 19 N. of m (1990-98).
7. On cars of 1992-98 grease vents of a frictional disk and a main shaft with lubricant with number according to the Mitsubishi 0101011 catalog.