9.1.2. Sensor of switching off of coupling (1990-98)

Adjustment of height of a pedal and free wheeling

1. Without cruise control
2. With system a cruise control
3. Lock-nut
4. Sensor
5. Bolt


1. Check height of the platform of a pedal of coupling And yes the rod course In main the cylinder which at measurement on a pillow of a pedal have to be 180,5–190,5 mm and 1–3 mm, respectively.
2. If necessary adjust these sizes, having executed the following.
3. On cars without cruise control establish the size A, rotating a bolt at the released lock-nut.
4. On cars with system a cruise control disconnect the socket and establish the size A, rotating the sensor case at the released lock-nut.

5. The free wheeling of a rod In is regulated by rotation of a rod of the main cylinder of the drive of coupling at the released lock-nut, at the same time not to rest a rod against the piston of the cylinder.

6. Make sure that the free wheeling of a pedal (C) (to which distance the pedal to feeling of considerable resistance to the course moves) and pedal height at full switching off of coupling (D) meet standard.
7. Free wheeling: the car 1992-98 – 6–13 mm, the car 1990-91 – 8–16 mm. Pedal height – not less than 35 mm.
8. If free the course and height of a pedal do not meet standard, then hit of air in a hydraulic actuator, wear of coupling or the main cylinder is the reason.