Adjustment of provision of a back of a back seat

To cast away a back of a back seat, bend a little forward and pull an adjusting rychazhok up, lean back back and establish a seatback in necessary situation.
Release an adjusting rychazhok, and the seat will be recorded in the situation chosen by you.

Folding of back sitting

The back seat can be put forward to make an occasional seat for baggage. Pull the back clamp handle on yourself and put a back forward.

Pull a seat for thongs in the direction of the luggage compartment, and then put all seat entirely, having pulled it up and forward until it is recorded.

Pull for thongs in the direction specified by shooters.

To spread out a back seat back, pull the rychazhok located in the left part of a seat, and lower a seat back. Lift a seatback.

Do not assume that children played in the luggage compartment. During the movement children have to sit on seats, fastened by belts. Make sure that the back of a back seat is established in vertical position and is recorded.