2.14.1. Check of level of oil in the engine

Tags on the oil indicator probe (the engine of 2,4 l)

Tags on the oil indicator probe (the engine of 3,0 l)

1. Install the car on the flat platform.

2. 3 min. later after an engine stop (or before start of the cold engine) check oil level the probe.

3. For this purpose get the control probe from a branch pipe, wipe, insert the pure probe back into a tube and again get.
Check level on an oil film.
Level of oil has to is between risks of the max and min probe.
4. If necessary bring level to the top mark, adding small portions (approximately 0,3 l).
5. To add oil turn off a mouth stopper in the top part of the engine.
Transfusion of oil above the top mark is not allowed.