3.4.38. Flywheel

The casing of coupling is balanced together with a press disk. These details change in couple.

Flywheel and drive plate

1. Flywheel
2. Transitional a flange And (on and/m with automatic transmission)
3. Drive plate
4. Transitional a flange In
5. Epiploon

Removal and installation
1. Remove transmission and coupling.
2. On cars with the engine of 2,0 l on the hydrotransformer the gear wreath is provided, remove the hydrotransformer and check a condition of a wreath. On all and/m (except and/m with the engine of 2,0 l) turn off bolts of fastening of a transitional flange, a drive plate and the plug to the crankshaft and remove a disk.
3. On cars from the manual transmission designate the provision of a flywheel, turn off bolts in a diagonal order and remove a flywheel.
4. Replace a flywheel, a drive plate or the hydrotransformer at detection on them of damages or wear tracks.
5. Establish a flywheel, a drive plate, having combined the tags put when dismantling.
The hydrotransformer is installed on transmission (not on the engine). Tighten bolts with m 133 N.' moment on 4-cylinder engines or 74 N. of m on 6-cylinder engines.

Gear wreath
At defects of a gear wreath replace the hydrotransformer.
At damage of a wreath of a flywheel the flywheel is recommended to be replaced. Replacement of a gear wreath is allowed. For this purpose it is necessary to remove an old wreath and to heat a new wreath to 300 °C and to napressovat on a flywheel.