3.4.37. Radical bearings

Installation of the indicator for check of an axial side play of the crankshaft

Installation of the indicator for check of a beating of radical necks of the crankshaft

Radical inserts

1, 3. The flute is absent
2. With a flute
4. Average inserts N 3
5. Lower inserts N 1, 2, 4 and 5
6. Top inserts N 1, 2, 4 and 5

Order of tightening of covers of radical bearings on 4-cylinder engines

Order of tightening of covers of radical bearings on 6-cylinder engines

1. Crankshaft
2. Forward arrow
3. Cover
4. Bolt

1. Remove the engine and transmission.
2. Remove a head of cylinders, gear belts, the pallet, the oil pump, a flywheel, and a back epiploon.

3. Turn the engine and check an axial side play of the crankshaft.
4. Turn off bolts of covers of radical bearings and uncover, previously having marked their orientation and belonging to this cylinder (on a part of covers the arrow directed to a forward part of the engine is provided).
5. Remove the crankshaft and radical inserts which you store individually.
6. Wash out a bent shaft solvent and dry.

Cleaning and check
1. Check uniformity of wear of radical and conrod necks, existence on them of zadir, cracks or a local erosion.
2. Check uniformity of wear of necks. If wear uneven, then necks of the crankshaft it is necessary to pereshlifovat in car service and to replace all bearings repair.

3. Measure by a micrometer diameter of radical and conrod necks, compare result to standard value. Check ovality (1) and conicity (2) radical and conrod necks, having measured their diameter in several points on a circle and along a neck.
4. Check a surface of radical inserts. At any signs of a doubtful state or if the axial side play is higher than norm – replace inserts. When dismantling the engine inserts are recommended to be changed.


1. Check gaps in radical bearings on thickness of the crushed plastic caliber. For this purpose place inserts (see rice. Radical inserts), install the crankshaft and tighten bolts of covers with inserts then accurately uncover. Presence of oil on necks and a crankshaft provorachivaniye at measurements are not allowed.
2. If gaps do not meet standard, replace inserts. If replacement does not lead the crankshaft to a normal gap, then a proshlifuyta.

3. Check a crankshaft beating.

4. At final assembly grease necks of the crankshaft and check arrangement of inserts. Establish covers (1 – orientation shooters, 2 – number of a cover), it is correct them having oriented on the available tags or put when dismantling and tighten bolts. General order of an inhaling: an average cover – the 2nd – the 4th – a lobby – back.
5. Without tightening, establish epiploons, an oil receiver and the pallet.