1.10. Devices and governing bodies

1.10.1. Speedometer
1.10.2. Odometer
1.10.3. Fuel level sensor
1.10.4. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
1.10.5. Tachometer
1.10.6. Distance sensor
1.10.7. Oil pressure sensor
1.10.8. Uklonometr
1.10.9. Voltmeter
1.10.10. Electronic compass How to read compass readings Adjustment of a compass Adjustment of a magnetic deviation
1.10.11. Thermometer
1.10.12. Alarm bulbs and the warning signals
1.10.13. Blinking headlights of head light
1.10.14. Switching of passing / driving beam of headlights
1.10.15. Indexes of turns
1.10.16. Washers of headlights of head light
1.10.17. Switches of lamps of the alarm system
1.10.18. Handle of brightness control of illumination of an instrument guard
1.10.19. Heater of back glass
1.10.20. Windshield screen wiper
1.10.21. Windshield washers
1.10.22. Washers and screen wipers of back glass Inclusion of a screen wiper of back glass Inclusion of windscreen washers of back glass
1.10.23. Lamp of illumination of salon
1.10.24. Lamps for reading cards

1. Speedometer
2. Odometer
3. Fuel level sensor
4. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
5. Tachometer
6. Distance sensor
7. Button of dumping of the sensor of distance
8. The oil pressure sensor (can be absent)
9. The inclination compass (can be absent)
10. The voltmeter (can be absent)
11. An electronic compass (can be absent)
12. The thermometer (can be absent)