3.5.6. Head of cylinders

1. Carefully clear a surface of a head of cylinders of the remains of consolidation and check a distortion of its surface adjacent to the block of cylinders. For this purpose put a steel ruler to a head and insert probes of various thickness between a head and a ruler. If it is possible to insert the probe more than 0,20 mm thick on the engine with a working volume of 2,5 l, then it is necessary either to otfrezerovat a head, or to replace. 
2. Advice about it can be got at the station of service.

Assembly and installation
Assembly on both types of engines is made equally.


1. Laying of a head of cylinders has no marking and has to be imposed up by the party specified in the drawing.
2. Oil a carving of bolts of a head of cylinders engine and insert bolts into openings. Tighten bolts in the sequence for several passes until an inhaling of 50 N of m. Then tighten bolts in the same sequence until an inhaling of 105-115 N of m.
3. The specified values belong to the cold engine. On the warmed engine the moment of an inhaling of bolts makes 115–125 N of m.