3.3.8. Adjustment of composition of mix


The adjusting screw of composition of mix is closed by a cap which should be cracked only in case of repair of the carburetor.

1. Remove the carburetor. The adjusting screw of composition of mix is in the carburetor basis, near a hose of ventilation of a case. Install the carburetor by the basis up.
2. Drill an opening with a diameter of 2 mm in inflow of the basis of the carburetor. This opening has to pass under a stopper and cross an internal well of the screw.
Develop an opening a drill of 3,2 mm.
3. To small beards beat out a cap. Install the carburetor, having attached all hoses.
4. Start the engine and warm up idling. Disconnect everything onboard consumers. Establish transmission in neutral situation. Switch off ignition, disconnect the battery from weight on 5 sec. Disconnect an oxygen sensor wire.
5. Bring turns to 2000–3000 rpm, later 5 sec. transfer the engine to idling for 2 min.
6. Connect a tachometer. On the engine idling check contents WITH by means of the analyzer which has to be 0,1–0,3%. If necessary adjust, rotating the screw. If at adjustment turns changed on 100 rpm, then adjust turns and composition of mix so that both indicators met standard. Stop the engine, attach a wire of the sensor of oxygen and establish a cap.


Quality of mix is regulated automatically.

Adjusting data of the diesel

Adjusting data of carburetor engines