9.1.3. Lever of gear shifting (car 4х4)

Details of control levers check point and transfer case

1. Handle
2. Plate
3, 9. Cover
4. Check point lever
5, 7, 10, 12. Laying
6. Frame
8. Lever of the transfer case
11. Case
13. To apply sealant 3M ATD N 8660 on both sides

Check point control lever

1. Lever
2. Top section
3. Inserts
4. External cover
5. Vnutrenny cover
6. Hinged part

1. Turn out handles of levers of the check point and the transfer case.
2. Unscrew screws of fastening of the top plate and remove a plate with a cover.
3. Get the lever assembled with the case for what transfer the lever of the transfer case to situation 2H (4H for the car of 1992-98) and turn off bolts of fastening of the case of a hinged part of the lever.
4. Remove 2 laying and a frame.
5. Get the lever of the transfer case.
6. Uncover cases and laying.
7. After removal of levers of the check point there has to be in neutral situation, and a transfer case – in situation 2H (or 4H for the car of 1992-98).
8. Assembly is carried out upside-down.

9. At installation it is necessary to sustain a certain provision of a nest of the lever.

10. At assembly it is vozhno correct to orient a check point lever frame (1 – to a car front).
11. Replace all laying.
12. Tighten all bolts according to the required moments.