11.15.2. Cable of the emergency brake

Cables of the emergency brake (1983-91)

1. Drum
2. Bolt
3. Guard
4. Cables

Cable of the emergency brake (1992-98) (on inserts – places of lubricant sealant 3M ATD (at the left) and lubricant 8513 SAE J310 NLGI N1)

1. Back brake
2. Disk
3. Regulator spring
4. Cup
5. Probe of a clamping spring of a block
6. Regulator
7, 8. Spring
9. Strut
10. Block spring strut
11. Block
12. Guard
13. Cable

Removal and installation
1. Lift the car and remove back wheels.
2. Remove drums (or disks).
3. Turn off a nut of a natyazhitel of a cable, disconnect a cable from a level of the equalizer and remove a guard.
4. Remove blocks of back brakes (see subsection 11.13.2, subsection 11.14) and disconnect a cable, having turned it a cap key with a section and having got from the holder on a board.
5. Get a cable from a brake board.
6. Remove brackets and arms of fastening of a cover of a cable to a body and remove a cable.
7. Installation is carried out upside-down.
8. At installation in a board of a brake turn a cable. Track that the holder's bracket on a board came into a cable cover groove, and the ledge of a cover was turned and recorded a cable.
9. Rotating an asterisk, establish diameter of blocks of 253-253,5 mm.