13.16.2. Speedometer cable

The cable of a speedometer connects a reducer on transmission to the index of speed.

Replacement of a cable is necessary in case of its wear when the characteristic noise published by a cable can be taken for malfunction of the engine. Malfunction of a cable can be determined by sharp jumps of an arrow of the index of speed.

On a part of cars the cable is connected to the generator of impulses, but not to the index of speed. These impulses are used for management of a power supply system and ignition, and also will be transformed to indications of speed and the passable way.

1. For replacement of a cable it is necessary to disconnect it from the check point. having turned off a cap nut, to remove a guard of devices and to disconnect from a guard a cover (see subsection 13.16).
2. The cable gets from a cover.
3. When replacing a cable slightly grease its litoly (lubricants 25 mm from the end should not be closer).