1.2. Internal finishing

Internal finishing

1. Lamp of the luggage compartment
2. An indicator lamp (if is available)
3. Seatback
4. An armrest (if is available)
5. The switch of the window regulator equipped with the electric drive
6. An ashtray (for a back seat)
7. The hatch (if is available)
8. The lighting lamp of salon (if is available)
9. The elevator switch (if is available)
10. Ceiling plafond
11. Internal mirror of a rearview of day / night type
12. Sun-protection peak
13. Switch of blocking of a door
14. Main switch of a window regulator
15. Glove compartment
16. A ware compartment of a front seat (it is located under the passenger's seat)
17. An ashtray (for a front seat)
18. The central control panel with a support for a cup (if is available)
19. Front seat
20. The place for storage of a jack
21. Back seat
22. Seat belt
23. The second back seat (if is available)
24. Hooks for fastening of baggage
25. A box for the tool