Adjustment of a compass


1. Index
2. Button of adjustment of a compass

The compass has two buttons of adjustment: button of adjustment of a compass and button of adjustment of a magnetic deviation.

Do not try to carry out adjustment of a compass if the car is in a geomagnetic storm.
After an accumulator detachment when carrying out repair, etc. do not forget to carry out inspections adjustment of a compass and adjustment of a magnetic deviation.
If in work of a compass there is a failure, stop the car and switch off the engine. Then start the engine again, and the compass will return to normal work.
Do not install the antenna and other elements which fasten by means of a magnet on the car. It can badly influence work of a compass.
If the compass soon after adjustment deviates the right direction again, address experts for its check.
Do not try to carry out adjustment of a compass or to take its readings, at the same time driving the car. You carry out adjustment or take of compass reading when the car stands still, or ask about it the passenger sitting on a front seat.

The compass can not show the right direction in the areas which are listed below as there the compass will be under the influence of geomagnetic anomalies.

1. Tunnel
2. Area along the railroad
3. Overpass
4. Near transformer stations
5. In areas where there are a lot of office buildings
6. Area over the subway

The compass comes back to normal work when the car gets to the area with
normal geomagnetism.
If the compass does not show the right direction, carry out its adjustment.

1. Press the button adjustments of a compass on 1–2 with, the index of a compass and a scale will disappear, and the point showing the direction of the movement will begin to move slowly on a scale.

2. After that slowly deploy the car on 360 ° on the open area around which there are no other cars or buildings. It will automatically finish adjustment of a compass, and it will begin to show the right direction. If you cannot find the suitable place for a car turn, develop it on 90 ° in one party, and then on 90 ° in another, as shown in the drawing, or on the contrary. 

Adjustment of a compass is carried out at turn of the car or clockwise, or against it.