1.14. Lock of a steering column

Get a key from the ignition lock, and the steering wheel will be closed for protection of the car against thieves. Try to turn a steering wheel to be convinced that it it is closed.

If you need to tow off the car, turn a key in the ignition lock in the provision of ASS to unlock a steering wheel.

On the car the electronic system of injection of fuel is installed, the amount of injectable fuel is controlled automatically. At start of the engine do not press on an accelerator pedal too long.

The starter should not rotate the engine longer, than during 15 pages.
Not to discharge the accumulator, wait several seconds before repeated attempt of start of the engine.

Do not allow the engine of the car to work in the closed or badly ventilated room for a long time. Carbon dioxide has no smell and can cause a suffocation.

Start of the engine
1. Insert a key into the lock of ignition and fasten a seat belt.
2. On models with the mechanical transmission include neutral transfer, and on models with the automatic transmission include parking transfer.
3. Squeeze out a brake pedal (on models with the mechanical transmission). On models with the mechanical transmission the starter will not join if not to squeeze out a coupling pedal.
4. After turn of a key in the ignition lock in position of ON check that all alarm lamps worked before start of the engine.
5. Turn a key in the ignition lock in situation START and release it when the engine starts working.

At start of the engine you can hear clicks. It is normal, continue to warm up the engine, and clicks will stop.

If too much fuel came to the engine and it is not started, rotate the engine a starter during 5–6 with, holding a pedal of an accelerator squeezed out. Then start the engine, without pressing a starter pedal at all.