6.6. Idling adjustment


1. Adjustment of idling of the engine needs to be carried out on the heated-up engine, with the adjusted gaps in the gas distribution mechanism, with correctly established initial corner of an advancing of injection, with pure and the filtering element of the air filter which is in the place, at free movement of a cable of management of supply of fuel which adjusting screw of idling on a tip should not press strongly on a control lever TNVD fuel supply, at the switched-off consumers of current. 
2. Connect a tachometer according to the maintenance instruction and check the frequency of rotation of a bent shaft of the engine idling which has to be within 700–800 rpm.

3. If necessary, rotating the adjusting screw (1) resting against a control lever supply of fuel (3) weaken a lock-nut (2) and establish the required frequency of rotation of a bent shaft.
4. After adjustment tighten a lock-nut of the adjusting screw and disconnect a tachometer.