1.33.3. Lowering of the car

By means of the handle of a jack turn the valve of production of air counterclockwise to lower a jack, then, get a jack from under the car.

If to open the valve of production of air too strongly (on 3 or more turns counterclockwise), through an opening oil will begin to flow, and the jack will fail.

Sometimes it happens that after a raising of a forward part of the car, the jack is not disconnected from an installation point on the car bottom. In this case, shake the car to lower a jack.

If it is difficult to remove a jack a hand, insert the jack handle into a nest and combine a flute on the handle with a ledge in a nest. Then, pull for the handle and get the lever.

Press the lever completely to lower the piston and turn the final valve clockwise against the stop.

Use only the jack attached to the car. Do not use other jacks.
The jack is not recommended to be used for other chains, except raising of the car for change of a wheel or installation of chains for improvement of coupling with the road.
Before use of a jack block diagonalno an opposite wheel.
At a car raising by means of a jack, nobody has to be in the car.
Stop raising of the car when the wheel ceases to concern the earth. It is dangerous to lift the car above.
You do not lay down under the car when using a jack.
Do not start the engine when the car is installed on a jack.