1.3. Door locks

1.3.1. Electronic system of door locks
1.3.2. Replacement of the battery of the block of remote control
1.3.3. Locks of doors with the mechanical drive Use of the central lock Blocking of doors by means of a key Zashchelkivaniye of door locks The blocked locks of back doors Door of the luggage compartment Lock mechanism of a door of the luggage compartment


1. Main key
2. Secondary key

Three keys are applied to the car: two main and one secondary.

The main keys approach all locks. You keep one of the main keys in the safe place as spare.

The secondary key approaches all locks, except the glove compartment lock.

Number of a key is beaten out on a special number plate, as shown in the drawing.

Write down number of a key and you store a key and a number plate in different places so that in case of loss of originals you could order a new key from the dealer of the MITSUBISHI company.

How to close the door lock without use of a key

To close a door, press on the button of internal blocking of doors, having established it in a closed position, and slam a door.

Before slamming a door, make sure that you did not forget keys in the car.

How to close a door a key

To close a door by means of a key, turn a key in the direction of a forward part of the car.
After you checked that the door is locked, turn a key back in average situation and get it from the lock.

How to close a door from within

Press on the button of blocking of a door that the door was closed. During the movement of the car locks of all doors have to be closed. The closed door of the driver can be opened, having pulled for the internal door handle, not opening the blocking button.

Make sure that during the movement of the car all doors are closed. Driving with not completely closed doors is very dangerous.
Never leave in the car of children unguarded.