1.33.4. Replacement of a wheel

In case at you lowers a wheel, stop the car in the safe place and kill the engine.

1. Turn on the alarm system, expose the sign warning about malfunction at sufficient distance from the car. Ask passengers to leave salon.

2. Install the car on a plain, dense surface and put it on the parking brake. In order that the car did not sweep after its raising by means of a jack, block (1) lowered wheel, диагональио opposite to the lowered wheel (2).
3. Prepare a spare wheel, a jack, the handle of a jack and tools.

4. Put a spare wheel under a car body near a jack; it will reduce risk of getting injured if the car comes off a jack.
5. Use specially provided key for removal of a cap from nuts of fastening of a wheel.

6. Turn off nuts of fastening of a wheel by means of a gaykovert. Do not remove a nut yet (And – cars with steel disks, In – cars with cast aluminum disks)
7. If you watch subsection 1.33.2 for definition of a point of installation of a jack near the lowered wheel, then, then establish a jack and lift the car so that the wheel ceased to concern the earth.

8. Remove nuts of fastening of a wheel, then remove a wheel.

9. Remove fastening of the cap (1) closing fastening nuts on the other side of a wheel.

10. Remove dirt from a surface of a nave of a wheel and from openings for fixing bolts on a wheel, then, establish a spare wheel.

11. Establish fastening of a cap on a spare wheel. Establish fastening so that his uvulas got to the corresponding cuts (1) on a wheel.

Fastening of a cap for a forward wheel has gold color, and fastening for a back wheel has rebryany color.

12. On cars with стальж disks of wheels establish nuts of fastening of a wheel (conical shape) by the conic end inside, then, fix them by fingers that the wheel did not dangle.

13. On cars with aluminum disks of wheels temporarily twirl rayki of fastening of a wheel (a nut with a flange) so that flanges concerned a wheel and it did not dangle.

If all four wheels were replaced with wheels with steel disks, use nuts of conical shape.
Never grease nuts or bolts of fastening of wheels, otherwise, they will reliably not keep.

14. Slowly lower the car then, gradually put all clamps of fastening of a wheel until they are tightened till the required inhaling moment.
The required moment of an inhaling is equal to 100-120 N · to m.

At crackdown of fastening of a wheel, do not make too big effort.
For example, you do not press a leg on a wrench, and do not use very long ломик or a tube for increase in a shoulder when using a gaykovert.

15. Lower a jack and get it from below the car. Put a jack back and establish the lowered wheel on an arm of a spare wheel. Repair a flat tire as soon as possible.
16. Check pressure in the tire. The recommended pressure is specified on the plate installed on inside of a door of the driver.

Esp the steering wheel vibrates at the movement of the car after replacement of a wheel, address experts for check of balancing of this wheel.
For safety of driving try not to install on the wheel car with tires of different type or to use wheels of the non-standard size.