10.4.11. Pump of the hydraulic booster

Tank and pump of the hydraulic booster (1983-89)

1,2. Hoses
3. Tank
1, 2, 4. Hoses
5. Belt
6. Pump
7, 8. Pump arms

Pump of the hydraulic booster (1990-98)

1. Pump cover
2. Belt
3, 4. Hoses
5. Ring
6. Pressure sensor socket (except 12-valvate engines of 3,0 l with MKPP)
7. Pump
8, 9. Pump arms
10. Drain
11. Arm of a natyazhitel
12. Roller of a natyazhitel

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove a tank, disconnect the lower hose and merge liquid.
3. If the pulley is removed, then release pulley bolts.
4. Release bolts of fastening of the pump and take off a belt.
5. On the 24-valvate engine of 3,0 l and the engine of 3,5 l take off a belt, having released a bolt of a natyazhitel.
6. Turn the pump by hand and remove the liquid remains.
7. Disconnect hoses from the pump, turn out bolts and remove the pump.
8. Installation is carried out upside-down.

9. At installation of a pressure head hose the groove has to be definitely oriented.
10. Check a condition of tubes.
11. Delay all connections with certain moments.
12. Fill in liquid and remove air from the hydraulic booster.