8.2.3. Throttle branch pipe

Orientation of a throttle branch pipe and inlet collector (2,4 l)

1. Branch pipe
2. Laying
3. Collector

In system of injection of MFI each of nozzles is inserted directly into the cylinder, and the amount of air in gas mixture is defined by opening of the gate in a throttle branch pipe.

Use of household detergents is inadmissible. In order to avoid damage of the pump of a washer.

Removal and installation
1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Merge liquid.
3. Disconnect an air duct from a branch pipe, designate and disconnect all hoses (vacuum, ventilating and cooling liquid) and cables.
4. Designate and disconnect all sockets. A part of sockets is out of a branch pipe.
5. Turn off 4 nuts and a bolt of fastening and remove a branch pipe, having paid attention to an arrangement of bolts. The branch pipe is not recommended to be sorted extremely. When replacing a branch pipe be convinced that the new unit in accuracy corresponds to removed.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down. Replace laying. Tighten nuts (bolts) of a branch pipe with the corresponding moments.

Moments of an inhaling of nuts of a branch pipe