12.6. Repair of openings from a rust or dents


1. Peel all paint from the damaged surface and from surrounding metal in a radius about 2,5 cm, having used the emery paper or a wire brush which is put on a drill.
2. If they are inaccessible, this work can be made manually by means of several sheets of an emery paper.
3. Having peeled the paint, you will be able to define extent of corrosion and to solve, whether to replace the whole panel or if it is possible, to repair the damaged surface. New panels of a body are not so expensive as many people think, and to install the new panel very often much quicker, than to repair the big surface damaged by a rust.
4. Remove all parts of decorative finishing from the damaged area, except for those which work as the directing initial form of the damaged car body, such as the headlight case and so on.
5. Having used scissors on metal or a hacksaw cloth, remove all damaged metal, and also any other metal on which there are rust traces.
6. The hammer bend edges of an opening inside to create small dredging for filling material.
7. A wire brush smooth out the damaged surface to remove a powdery rust from the surface of metal. If there is an access to a back part of a rusty surface, cover it with anticorrosive paint.
8. Before final seal to a zakuporta in any way an opening. It can be made by means of a tin, priklepanny or screwed in in an opening, or establish in an opening by a wire grid.
9. When the opening is corked, the damaged area can be filled and painted over (see subsection 12.7).