12:14. Adjustment of a cowl


1. Release bolts of loops and move the closed cowl before alignment of a gap with wings and a partition.
2. Open a cowl and level finally.
3. Tighten bolts with m 14 N.' moment.
4. Check operation of the lock of a cowl. The lock has to open at small effort on the handle.

5. If necessary adjust position of the lock and a latch, moving them at the released fastening bolts.

6. Adjust the cowl height (the surface of a cowl has to be aflush with wings), rotating buffers – limiters.

7. Expose buffers so that to sustain the size of 27 mm (1 – a cowl, 2 – the buffer).
8. After adjustment on height adjust position of the lock again.
9. Upon termination of check an inhaling of all bolts and nuts of fastening.