11.2. Vacuum amplifier of brakes

The vacuum amplifier of brakes (1983-96) for G63B and G54B engines (at the top of) and for the diesel

1. Adapter
2. Hose
3. Control valve
4. Pusher
5. Amplifier of brakes
6. Rod fork
7. Remote pro-rate
8. Vacuum switch
9. Tube
10. Plug

Vacuum amplifier of brakes (1987-98)

1. Union
2. Socket
3. Main cylinder
4. Arm
5. Hose
6. Forelock
7. Axis
8. Amplifier of brakes
9. Adapter

Tightness check
1. Start the engine and 1 min. later stop.
2. Press several times a brake pedal, – the course of a pedal has to decrease with each pressing. Otherwise the amplifier is untight.

Work check
1. Press several times a brake pedal.
2. Press slightly a pedal of a brake and start the engine, – the pedal has to "leave" to a floor.

Removal and installation
1. Carefully disconnect from the amplifier of brakes a vacuum hose 2.
2. Remove the main cylinder.
3. Disconnect a rod of the amplifier from a pedal.
4. Turn off bolts and nuts of fastening of the amplifier to a partition of a motor compartment and remove the amplifier, remove laying and a remote pro-rate.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down.
6. Delay all connections according to the required moments.