8.3.7. Spark plugs

On diesels of the considered cars the system of bystry start-up (Quick Glow System) providing launch of the diesel for 5–10 pages is installed. Are a part of the system resistive candles, the relay and additional resistor. The system remains included until temperature of liquid does not exceed 55 °C.

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Turn off nuts and disconnect the tire of food of candles.
3. Turn out candles. It is forbidden to subject candles to sharp mechanical loadings.
4. Believe the candle resistance which has to be 0,23 Ohms, and also a condition of the tire of food.

1. Establish candles upside-down, tighten them with m 17 N.' moment.
2. Tighten nuts of fastening of the tire with m 1,4 N.' moment.