Adjustment of provision of a seatback

Seat with manual adjustment

To adjust the provision of a seatback, bend a little forward, pull the adjusting lever of a seatback. Deviate to situation necessary for you back and release the lever. The seatback will be recorded in the situation chosen by you.

Seat with automatic adjustment

Move a rychazhok of the adjusting switch forward or back, the seatback will rise or will fall respectively. Release a rychazhok, and the seatback will be recorded in the situation chosen by you.

To reduce risk of getting injured in case of collision or sharp braking, during the movement of the car of a back of both front seats have to be always approximately in vertical position. The guarantee provided with seat belts considerably decreases if the seatback is cast away too strongly.
If the back is cast away, the risk that the sitting passenger can slip out a belt too strongly increases and suffer a serious injury.