Replacement of the cardan hinge

Details of the cardan hinge

1. Lock ring
2. Butterdish
3. Bearing
4. Crosspiece neck
5. Flange fork
6. A fork of the sliding shlitsevy connection
A. To grease

Excess of lubricant is not allowed, otherwise the bearing not completely will come on a crosspiece and the considerable mistake in the choice of lock rings on thickness is possible

Device for dismantling of cardan hinges: for a forward shaft – MB990840, for a back shaft – MB991410

Arrangement of lock rings of bearings of a crosspiece

1. On a crosspiece of a forward shaft
2. On a crosspiece of a back shaft
3. A flute under a ring

1. Put tags of mutual orientation to both forks not to break balancing at assembly.

2. Get the lock rings fixing glasses of bearings of a crosspiece (a forward shaft – at the left, back – on the right).
3. Removal of a crosspiece requires a clamp, an insert and a mandrel. Diameter of an insert has to be slightly less opening in a fork to push out the bearing, and diameter of a mandrel has to provide loss of the vypressovanny bearing.
4. Similar to a vypressuyta other pair of bearings of a crosspiece.

1. Put fresh SAE J310A NLGI N2 EP lubricant in new bearings, having greased with it necks of a new crosspiece, a needle and an edge of an epiploon.
2. Insert glasses of bearings into opposite openings in Cardan's fork, establish a crosspiece and press both glasses of the bearing in Cardan's fork so that it was possible to insert a lock ring.
3. The crosspiece at a zapressovyvaniye has to be centered concerning bearings.
4. Similarly press other 2 bearings of a crosspiece of other fork, having combined tags on forks.
5. Insert a lock ring of the bearing on the one hand, then turn the hinge and a dopressuyta a glass of the opposite bearing, insert an opposite lock ring.

6. Check a gap between the second inserted ring and a flute. If the gap exceeds 0,06 mm, then replace lock rings (a forward shaft – at the left, back – on the right). Thickness of rings on both parties has to be identical.